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We translate your ideas into

intuitive, simple & delightful user experience.

How we do it

user research

User Research

The most important question is not what you are building but who you are building it for. We will help you build deep customer empathy through various research methods such as Contextual enquiries, Interviews, User Testing etc.

interaction ui design

Interaction / UI Design

We don’t count clicks, we focus on key questions – How easy was it for users to go through the task? Did they have a delightful experience that pulls them back into the product? Did we make a dent in the conversion numbers?

visual design

Visual Design

Every pixel matters. Our choice of colors, fonts, images will impact your company’s brand perception. So we take this very seriously to say the least. We obsess over every pixel, every line and that shade of blue on the screen. 


Full Stack Development

Eye candy mock ups are awesome but we know they dont bring in the money on their own. With back-end and front-end development skills and agile/flexible process, we love to take on a challenge to  help you bring your product  to market.

We love what we do, our clients love us for our work.

Our work speaks for Itself

Our Team

Shailesh Shilwant

User Experience Designer

Ashish Bogawat

User Experience Designer

Milind Belhekar

User Experience Designer

Shrihari Kulkarni

UI Designer

Janhavi Wadekar

UI Designer

Pruthviraj Chandak

UI Designer

Rohan Parab

UI Designer

Pooja Kathale

UI Designer

Supriya Pakankar

UI Designer

Manjiri Deshpande

UI Designer

We are looking for some kick-ass UI Designers
and UI Developers. Are you interested?


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